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Tried the peanut pancake. Nicely toasted brown colour and crispy on the edges.

4 months ago

Serene Tan

With the ostentatious signboard citing money back guarantee it’s practically egging you to try it out. (Though I’m not too sure if any customers actually used this against them) It’s Peanut pancake has crispy side skin while it’s insides are nice and fluffy, not too sweet. It’s been a while since I had decent pancake! The other pastries looks way easy on the eyes so might give the other items a go as well.

4 months ago

Kei Kei

Never come across such pancake or ‘kueh kacang’ that taste so good. It’s as good as those made in early 70s that I be tried at Margaret Drive market.

4 months ago


Not only the Pancake is good, the walnut cake, muffin & egg tarts is also very nice

4 months ago

Janet Yeo

I like the pancake here, soft and tender. Business is good so the food is always freshly warm on serve. Store personnel is also polite and helpful. She gave good suggestion for my order. Thank You.

4 months ago

Max Teo

Enjoyed the red bean pancake, which was warm and had a nice texture. Preferred it to the peanut pancake.

4 months ago

Royal Pears

This outlet (Ubi) do not have their apple pie and other pastry that is stated in their website. If keen for those, better to call and check before heading down. Take away their peanut and coconut pancake. The coconut pancake have very little coconut inside. Not those alot of ingredients and thick thick kind. Peanut is those sweet crunchy peanut. I ate it when it's not hot. So consider quite okay despite it being cold. Still soft the pancake.

4 months ago

Audrey Foo

A pocket friendly $1 floor a slice to complement your afternoon cup of tea or coffee. Can be sweeter though

4 months ago

Matthew Lee

I think this is by far the best Min Jiang Kueh (traditional pancake) I have. It is moist and chewy and super crispy at the side. The size of the Min Jiang Kueh is such that it can be sliced into 4 pieces. I think compared to the small individual ones and those bigger ones that can be sliced into many more pieces, this size offers the right thickness. The lady running the outlet told me that she makes more things during the weekdays including other cake varieties such as marble cake. She also proudly emphasised the money back guarantee and everything there is freshly made.

4 months ago